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April 23 & 24, 2020 // Porto, Portugal

Due to COVID-19 preventive measures,
the event was postponed to a new date to be announced...

BIT Hackathon - The Grocery Fight Club

Retail is one of the most relevant industries in the world impacting millions of lives. When visiting stores, customers expect to find good products and an excellent service. Demanding customers in a highly competitive market means great challenges. We invite you to join us to develop concepts and prototypes for retail through technology. At BIT Hackathon 2020, in 24h and in full collaboration, we’ll explore how store operations and customer experience may be strongly disrupted by the latest available tech. Coworkers, partners, professionals, students and all the bold ones that want to change the retail landscape are welcome.

Challenge yourself, build a team and make a difference.
Be part of the Grocery Fight Club!


Disrupt in-store customer experience and operations!

Current challenges may change and new ones will be added.

Concepts may be developed for the following stores:



To help you prototype the solution, you will have access to several services provided by us and key partners. Some examples: Continente online API; Cartão Continente APIs; More coming soon…

Store Environment

Retail stores are our major point of interaction with customers. Their layout, products and equipments directly impact the experience our clients have when shopping. We want you to live the store atmosphere and interact with the common components you may find there – Shelfs, products, scale, price-checker, etc.. Dare to build on top of our equipments to address our challenges.

Tech and Business Mentors

You’ll have the opportunity to meet mentors with insightful contributions from the technical and the business sides of our industry. To better explore the resources and equipments, tech mentors will help you to access our API’s and clarify other tech needs. On the other side, our business mentors will increase your knowledge about our processes.

Bring your own tools

Our resources are available for you to explore and build great concepts/prototypes but there are a lot more you can search for. Open source tools is a great way to get that particular feature you’re looking for. If you think any other open tool, dataset or hardware will improve your team’s work, feel free to use it or bring it to the event.

Food Station and Meals

All meals and a permanent food/coffee station will be provided. Food won’t be an excuse to deliver the best of your skills. ヽ(•‿•)ノ

Nap Zone

We don’t want you to burnout while doing your magic. A Nap zone will be available to allow you to rest during the event. (-_-) …zzZZZ


Day 1 – Thursday, April 23rd

Day 2 – Friday, April 24th


All the details about the agenda will be added soon…


Additional notes:
A coffee station with snacks and drinks will be permanently available;
A Nap Room to rest during the event will be available;
Staying during the night is possible and recommended, but not mandatory. Showers won’t be available though;
Teams must have someone at the venue during checkpoints;
Some surprises may come to light without notice;
The organisers reserve the right to change the program. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




More partnerships under development. If you want to partner with us, just get in touch to!


The best fighters must be rewarded.

So far, we raised the prizes below, but we are working hard to make them better… keep an eye on the prize!

1st Place
1st Place

(Cartão Dá)

2nd Place
2nd Place

(Cartão Dá)

3rd Place

(Cartão Dá)

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