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The shape of retail customer journeys is being highly disrupted by technology. Whether we’re talking of eCommerce or physical stores there are several opportunities to improve these experiences. As a result, we've been cooperating with different partners to improve our customers’ shopping experience, regardless of where they are. This 24 hours' hackathon is another step forward to a new retail experience, and we believe you can make a difference!
If you can build a team capable of developing a prototype in the grocery retail field, then you have what we are looking for. As a student you can come to develop your skills; as a Startup founder or member, you can integrate your technology with our resources and get direct exposure to our directors; as a professional, you get to challenge yourself.

Join the Grocery Fight Club!


Empower the phigital Customer Experience and
discover hidden knowledge by leveraging data.

  • Phigital Experience

    Imagine a better customer journey leveraging Continente’s APIs from browsing catalogues to checkout enabling interactions with physical touchpoints.

  • Product Recognition

    Identify products that are in Continente’s product catalogue using information shared through Continente’s APIs and image recognition capabilities.

  • Augmented Information

    Empower customers through a basket that is augmented with relevant information generated automatically as health indexes or recipes.

  • Knowledge Behind Data

    Show-off the data scientist in you and discover new information behind all the data. Take it a step further and pair it with an insightful visualization model.

  • Product Data Enrichment

    We have our product catalogue and we own data about our products. However, sometimes to provide a better experience that data isn’t enough. How can we enrich that data? Can we collect it elsewhere? Can we crowdsource it from customers?

  • Voice for everything

    Voice is increasingly becoming a viable instrument for performing all sorts of actions. Bearing this in mind, how can we incorporate voice on our customer journey and offer a better experience?

  • Tailored Digital Experiences

    Develop our portfolio digital relevance through the creation of new or enhanced experiences, built upon existing digital products or by creating your own. Sonae MC portfolio includes not only Continente but also Bagga, Dr.Wells, Go Natural, Make Notes, Note!, Wells and ZU.

  • Surprise Us!

    Do you believe you have a brand-new idea in the retail field worth developing? We trust you. Make it happen and impress us!


Discover what you'll have available


TTo help you prototype the solution, you will have access to Continente online API which, besides the access to full product catalog, will enable you to create and update shopping carts for your users. Cartão Continente, our loyalty card, and its APIs will also be available.


You will be able to use data from sales/transactions, checkouts at the stores, historical stock data and self-scanning audit data.

The AZ3166 Board

Thanks to Microsoft, we will be giving away Azure IoT Development Kits, in order to provide participants with the unique opportunity to create hardware-based projects with zero assembly required.
These kits are based on the MxChip AZ3166 IoT Development Board, which provides an especially nice starting point for cloud-enabling your hardware projects:

  • It includes a number of sensors, saving you a lot of time in prototyping (and making the hardware immediately useful);
  • It has built-in support (and Arduino libraries) to securely connect to Azure IoT Hub over Wi-Fi and let you instantly send data to the cloud for real-time processing and storage;
  • It can send sensor data to the cloud immediately — track motion, monitor temperature and humidity, or have your users press a button to signal your cloud application;
  • It can receive control messages from a cloud app (and display messages, turn on lights, play sounds…);
  • There is a VS Code extension to provide a seamless development experience.


AZ3166 Board Specs

Disclaimer: There is a limited number of kits — first come, first served. To claim your kit, you need to be working on a project that takes advantage of this resource. One kit per team — no exceptions, sorry, we want to make sure as many teams as possible can access it.


The best fighters must be rewarded.

  • 1st Place

    2000€ (Cartão Dá)

    Cartão Dá
  • 2nd Place

    1000€ (Cartão Dá)

    Cartão Dá
  • 3rd Place

    500€ (Cartão Dá)

    Cartão Dá


Ademar Aguiar
Professor / Founder
FEUP / Coding for Social Impact

Bruno Mourão
Head of IT Strategy & Architecture
BIT | Sonae MC

Daniela Seixas
Founder & CEO
Tonic App

Gabriela Castro
Head of Strategic Business Development
Sonae MC

Gonçalo Gaiolas
VP of Digital

João Ricardo Moreira
Board Member

José Tribolet
Full Professor / President

Luis Filipe Reis
Sonae FS / Sonae Fashion (S&F)

Paula Panarra
General Manager


André Freitas
Software Engineer
Beyond Pricing

Joana Raquel Silva
Data Scientist
Fraunhofer Portugal

João Riqueza
Area Manager - Delivery
BIT | SonaeMC

Leonid Kholkine
Team Lead

Mário Ribeiro Alves
Founder & CEO

Marta Torneiro
Co-organizer / Delivery Manager
DevOps Porto /

Nuno Moniz
Invited Professor / Postdoc Fellow

Paulo Cunha

Raquel Ribeiro
Assistant Professor of Computational Sciences
Minerva Schools (KGI)

Ricardo Lobo
Founder & Coordinator
LCD - Laboratório de Criação Digital

Rui Mendes

Tauan Bernardo
Founder & Director
Viva Lab

Tiago Carvalho
Data Science Team Lead
BIT | SonaeMC


Day 1 - Thursday, May 30th

13:30 Check-in
14:00 Welcome to the Fight!
15:00 Let the games begin! The clock is ticking...
You'll be visited by mentors during the afternoon.
20:00 Dinner (Checkpoint)

Day 2 - Friday, May 31st

08:30 Breakfast (Checkpoint)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Intermediate evaluation
15:00 TIME's UP! Deadline to submit presentations
16:00 Showtime! It's your time to shine!
17:30 Deliberation... or should we say Investment time!?
18:00 And the winner is ******
18:30 Farewell

Additional notes

  • - A coffee station with snacks and drinks will be permanently available;
  • - We'll have a Nap Room to allow you to rest or stay during the night (not mandatory). Showers won't be available though;
  • - Teams must have someone at the venue during checkpoints;
  • - Some surprises may come to light without notice;
  • - The organisers reserve the right to change the program. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda
Avenida da Boavista 4245,
4100–140 Porto






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